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90s Home Styles Returning from your General Contractor in Sugar Grove

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90s Home Styles Returning from your General Contractor in Sugar Grove

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While the 90s brought us a myriad of trends that many would rather soon forget (stencils and sponge paint, anyone?), a handful of 90s home styles are starting to resurface in today’s contemporary design culture. Like many things involving subjective taste, trends in home design and decor evolve – an obsession becomes a detail, or a material from a previous decade takes on a new form. The rest, as they say, is history.

As designers and decorators re-purpose 90s trends more and more often, homeowners are seeing a return to themes that maximize light inside the home. Many of these newly revisited trends also prioritize clarity in spaces, and the relationships between a home and its occupants, or between owners and those who are invited to share their space. Read on for more details about nine home design styles from the 90s that are quickly making a comeback today.general contractor sugar grove

1 Light Wood

Birch, oak, pine – these once-popular 90s wood materials seem to be welcome once again. Our advice? Be creative. In the kitchen, try wood countertops and counter edges instead of tile or granite. When coupled with white walls and minimal decor, wood will warm up the room to create a cozy sense of home. Working with a loft area? Add a knotted wood beam to dramatize the space, creating stunning lines that elevate the room.

2 Minimalism

It’s time to de-clutter your space, because 90s minimalism emphasized simplicity and pared-down collections. Today, minimalism continues to draw on Scandinavian design, emphasizing natural beauty, as well as the power of white volumes and open spaces. White walls and uncluttered areas inside the home can shift the focus from objects to community, restoring time and space for those who matter most.

3 Japanese Accents

Western interiors of the 90s celebrated the beautiful patterns of various Japanese artisans. Today, details ranging from ikebana (minimal Japanese flower arrangements), to hand-dyed indigo linens, complement minimalist trends while valuing tradition and craft.

4 White Kitchens

Modern, airy, and timeless, white kitchens in all their glory are definitely making a comeback. While white counter tops may seem counter-intuitive, try a white tile back splash, off-white cabinets, or white slate floors to create a kitchen that is bright and clean without appearing to be untouchable.

5 Gold Fixtures

Brass knobs, door handles, and light fixtures inundated homes of the 90s, but why continue with this glossy metal? Homes are unique; they reflect the particular habits, tastes, and quirks of their owners. As a material, natural brass pieces continue to develop and evolve in color and texture with time, rendering each piece as unique as the home it adorns.

6 Beige

general contractor sugar groveBeige may have been a near-obsession for homeowners and designers back in the 90s, but today’s trends present beige as an accent, not a color craze. So forget the slipcover oatmeal-colored sofas of decades past; instead, decorate your home with light beige rugs and linens that reinvigorate your home with some added warmth.

7 Pastels

Disregard any seasonal connotations you would normally associate with pastels, because today’s designs incorporate pastels year-round inside the home. Remember: de-saturated colors can create soothing, luxe effects that are ideal for bedroom and relaxation spaces. Try pairing a blush pastel with copper or brass to modernize the pastel, while evoking striking undertones in the metal.

8 Zen Influence

Designers and decorators in the 90s drew heavily from Eastern Zen philosophy to transform home into a haven of relaxation. In an increasingly technology-saturated world, designers today are again drawing on Zen beliefs to style interiors that reflect simplicity and serenity. Healthy live plants, organic shapes, and lightweight materials are just a few ideas that you can use to transform your own home into a private oasis.

9 Wall Paper

Yes, we said it. Wall paper. But don’t get too preoccupied with scale and quantity, as a little can go a long way. While the 90s embraced ceiling-to floor-floral prints, today, wallpaper can be used as a kitchen backsplash or a focal art piece. Netherlands-based company KitchenWalls designed temporary, water and heat-resistant wallpaper to cure dated or ugly kitchen backsplashes, for instance. Calico Wallpaper products, based in New York, re-appropriate traditional art to create transformative images that allow you to redefine your space.

So there you have it – the 90s are back when it comes to the design flourishes we’re seeing more and more often in homes, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. With a hint of beige, a note of Zen influence, a brass detail here or there, and a gentle touch of patterned wallpaper used as an accent, you too can be on the cutting edge of design trends!


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