14 DIY Projects You Can Try (but should consult a pro)

14 DIY Projects You Can Try (but should consult a pro) ~ Shared by your Sugar Grove Contractor

Four Seasons Contracting tries to bring you fun and informative articles that homeowners can actually use. This is a helpful article which goes through tips on which areas need renovations; enjoy. And hey, if you use any of the ideas from this article we shared; come over to our Facebook page and share with us.



Having a go at home improvements yourself is admirable, but there are times when calling in a professional will save you time, money and a lot of effort.

We’re not saying that you should default to calling in the experts, but it can be a good idea to know your own limitations before costly mistakes are made.

We’ve drawn up a list of the top DIY projects we think are best left to the pros—from fitting a new kitchenthrough to laying inch-perfect decking—so take a look and think about letting your builders lighten some of the load!

1. Laying flooring can be a complicated craft. Perhaps advisable to call in the experts for this one!

2. Making a kitchen island takes more than a rudimentary knowledge of carpentry and placement is key. Probably one for the pros…

3. Installing a woodburner is a serious business as you need to be sure you have the right flue system. Not an amateur job!

4. Skylights might seem like an easy thing to add to your home but they’re more complex than simply cutting a hole in your roof

 5. An exposed brick wall might seem like a simple task, but removing plaster is messy, time-consuming and requires specialist tools

6. Expensive wallpaper should be hung by professional decorators, if only to minimise wastage and ensure a perfectly matched pattern all the way round

7. Reupholstering a sofa is a far cry from getting the staple gun out to upcycle an old kitchen chair pad. Definitely not for weekend DIYers

8. Waterproofing a wet room is critical so don’t leave it to chance. All it would take is one spot of grout to be missed and you’ll have a damp situation that’ll be a nightmare to resolve

9. For minimalist homes, perfect plaster on the walls is essential. If you’re not a screed savant, we think paying a professional is your best course of action

10. Building storage into awkward spaces is a piece of cake for carpenters but could take you an exceptionally long time. Save yourself the heartache!

11. An impressive permanent brick barbecue should really be built by a builder, if you want something that looks great and functions perfectly, as opposed to something a bit slapdash

12. Decking might seem easy to lay but, if you have a tricky terrace or an uneven surface, there will be more to it than you think

13. Exterior lighting really makes your home pop, but you don’t want to run the risk of shorting out your property. Call in an electrician and have peace of mind


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