12 Simple Ideas to make your home Swanky

Four Seasons Contracting tries to bring you fun and informative articles that homeowners can actually use. This is a helpful article detailing a few tips to take your home from drab to swanky; enjoy. And hey, if you use any of the ideas from this article we shared; come over to our Facebook page and share with us.


We know you have great taste (you’re reading homify, after all!) regardless how you decided to decorate your home and whether or not you hired an interior designer. However, do you know which home accessories are an absolute must-have right now?

While trends come and go, we’ve honed in on twelve timeless home additions that you’ll love forever so, if you’ve been meaning to upgrade your living room or zhoosh up your kitchen for a while, read on and see if one of these recommendations is just the ticket!

1. A bespoke headboard will give your bedroom instant style and undeniable chic! You could even make your own or simply paint an existing one

2. Collections of magazines, alongside funky bookends and paper weights, add a nuance of intellectual style to your home like nothing else

3. Gorgeous rugs and cushions are an instant and staggeringly easy way to revamp any room. The more, the better!

4. Fresh flowers and living plants look great and also purify the air in your home, making them a double win

5. Removable wall decals are a quick, easy and non-permanent way to zing up your walls. These are perfect for rental properties as they leave no damage

6. Eye-catching and unusual shelves are a brilliant way to add some practicality and personality to your home. We think teens will be particularly keen on this idea!

7. Don’t underestimate how much impact some carefully chosen artwork can have on the look and feel of your home. Just one piece will be great

8. Upcycled items in your home will allow for some happy nostalgia, as well as budget-friendly room revamps

9. Wow-factor wallpaper is enjoying increasing popularity right now, with lots of us opting for funky feature walls. We love this trend as it can be applied to literally any room!

10. Who doesn’t love a DIY project now and then? We think making room for your creations is vital, especially if they turned out better than you hoped!

11. You might think they’re a bit dated, but welcome signs in hallways always give off such a pleasant vibe, you’ll love having one

12. Quirky little collections always make a house feel like a home. If you keep everything similarly coloured, they’ll look effortlessly stylish too

For more brilliant low-cost decorating tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 9 Fantastic Low-Cost Plasterboard Ideas You Can Copy.


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