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Classy Imitation Stone Wall Ideas

Four Seasons Contracting tries to bring you fun and informative articles that homeowners can actually use. This is a helpful article detailing a few tips to show you how to get that classy stone wall look without breaking the bank; enjoy. And hey, if you use any of the ideas from this article we shared; come over to our Facebook page and share with us.


Stone walls look great, add a wealth of character to a home design and stand alone as a stunning interior architectural feature. That said, unless you have a home that already features them inside, installing them can be something of a nightmare, until now!

Faux stone walls are the latest and greatest way to get the look for less money and effort so, if you’ve been coveting all the interior designer-led projects that have rustic stonework taking centre stage, now you can get in on the action.

Which room will you start with? Your bedroom? The kitchen? Or perhaps the living room?

The choice is yours!

For more fabulous stone inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 Ways To Use Stone On Your Walls (So They Look Special).
1. Line columns and pillars with stone cladding to get the look for less!
2. Add stone-effect tiles to a large wall to make a big statement
3. A modern bathroom will look great with stacked flagstone style cladding
4. You can even install stone cladding outside! Who would ever know your terrace wasn’t everything it seems?
5. Small dividing walls are perfect for the cladding
treatment and will look structural
6. For a splashback with a difference, how about stone tiles?
7. You can even make it look like your island has been built by artisans! This cladding is amazing
8. For a super cheap and easy way to imitate the look, how about stone-effect curtains?
9. You can add slim stone slithers to standard brick items to give them a far more rustic look
10. Stone will give your bathroom the authentic rustic look



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