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9 Bedroom Decor Mistakes

Four Seasons Contracting tries to bring you fun and informative articles that homeowners can actually use. Below you’ll find 9 decorating mistakes you’ve made when decorating the bedroom. And hey, if you use any of the ideas from this article we shared; come over to our Facebook page and share with us.

9 Bedroom Decor Mistakes~ Shared by your Sugar Grove Contractor


Decorating your bedroom is such a personal thing, but there are some key errors you need to avoid in order to perfect your space and we’re going to tell you all of them today.

Interior designers are fortunate enough to know all the pitfalls, whilst us mere mortals need a little extra help and we’re never stingy with advice, so consign all these tips to memory and you’ll never have to worry about your bedroom falling a little flat.

From accessorising through to eliminating bad habits, we have everything you need to know, so let’s take a look and start the year with the perfect bedroom!

1. Having too many or too few accessories

4 seasons contracting

It’s a real balancing act, but getting the number of accessories in your bedroom right is vital. Extra pillows, rugs, throws and lamps are all acceptable (as is some wall art) but try to stop there!
2. Choosing the wrong sized rug

4 seasons contracting



3. Not keeping the office area tidy

If you have a little office section in your bedroom, don’t let it get messy or it will impact on the whole room. Have a quick tidy up at the end of each day and your clean lines will look great!
4. Not making your bed

We’re not teenagers any more and our mums aren’t going to pop in everyday to make our beds, so we need to do it. It doesn’t just look nicer, it actually makes going to bed more of a pleasant experience!
5. Not having enough natural light

You will obviously close your curtains at night, but get into the habit of opening them after you make your bed in the morning to ensure good light flow. It really reinvigorates the space!
6. A divided colour scheme

If you choose a myriad of different bedroom colours that don’t work together, your room will feel like a mess. Try to choose from a palette of neutrals and your aesthetic will be relaxing and cohesive.
7. Accepting bad lighting

Don’t forget to include some task lighting in your bedroom! Whether you like to read before you go to sleep. or just like a cosy atmosphere, some table lamps are an easy way to make sure all your bases are covered.
8. Making your clothes your last priority.

You need to make sure you have ample storage for all your clothes, otherwise they will start to spill out into the room and make everything look untidy.

homify hint: Why not have a New Year’s audit and free up some extra wardrobe space?

9. Having messy cables laying around

We all have technology in our bedrooms these days, but don’t leave messy cables hanging out of all your sockets as this just ruins all your hard work. Use cable tidies and hidden sockets to keep everything neat!


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