Home Vestors of America, Inc.

From shows like Flip This House to investment groups that teach you how to find and buy investment properties; there’s no shortage of information. Four Seasons Contracting, Inc. can help you get the job done. Let us be the only resource you need for renovation, restoration, and remodeling. We hope you enjoy this article we found on investment properties. While we are not promoting or sponsoring the provider; the article simply has good information for anybody interested in investment properties.

Home Vestors of America, Inc. ~ Shared by your Sugar Grove Contractor



Now is the time to fulfill your dream to learn to invest in real estate! To become a HomeVestors franchisee, you don’t have to be a professional real estate investor – you just need the desire to be one.

With over 725 Independently owned and operated franchisees throughout the U.S., our trained franchisees improve neighborhoods while providing excellent home ownership opportunities for first-time home buyers, renters and real estate investors. We are committed to enforcing high ethical standards and strict systems that result in responsible business practices.

If you’ve considered real estate investing as a full-time or part-time career, here are some reasons why you might want to join our franchise network:

#1 real estate franchise and the #1 home buyer in America, instantly recognized as the We Buy Ugly Houses® people, so homeowners, buyers, renters and other investors already know that you are part of a well-established real estate brand.

Powerful marketing strategies and incredibly strong brand awareness combine to create a steady stream of leads for our franchisees.

Proven system that works. With the excellent support and training that accompany our outstanding system,you will join a real estate franchise that has already bought over 75,000 houses nationwide.

Coaching and personal attention from our HomeVestors development agents who will assist and coach you in buying, renovating and selling or renting houses in your market neighborhoods.

An intensive training program that incorporates systems for buying homes and exit strategies for selling houses fast using one or all of our seven proven strategies that can help you sell quickly. You will learn how to deal with homeowners who may be in an ‘ugly’ situation, how to explain our home buying process, and how to help these homeowners sell their houses quickly to resolve their ‘ugly situation’.

The incredible system that has helped our real estate franchises buy more houses than any other home buying system ever developed.

It’s easier than ever, financially, to get into the real estate business! As a HomeVestors franchisee, you will have:

  1. Financing for the qualifying purchase and repair of houses
  2. Vacant property insurance at group rates through a third-party insurance vendor
  3. A HomeVestors Internet site for access to information and HomeVestors-hosted websites for HVA franchisees to help them sell houses
  4. Options for your lifestyle: HomeVestors has opportunities for full-time or part-time real estate investors.
  5. Both the Full Franchise and the Associate Franchise opportunities allow franchisees to utilize the We Buy Ugly Houses® brand, and allow the Franchisee to work from home, part-time. All HomeVestors franchise owners have access to many products and services.

What do our franchisees have to say?

“The experience has really been “as advertised.” From my initial introduction to HomeVestors through Discovery Day, through the signing of my agreement and Success Systems Training, I really haven’t received any surprises.”
Chas Carrier, Dallas, TX

“We are constantly amazed at the level of commitment that you show us on a daily basis. HomeVestors is such a rare company with an amazing corporate team. In the seven years we have owned our franchise, we’ve never had a problem with HVA that the staff did not help us solve.” Brownie Lott, San Antonio, TX

Turn your passion for real estate into a business you’ll love! Contact us today to receive more information about the HomeVestors franchise opportunity.


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